Unexpected Legacy Game

Unexpected-Legacy Unexpected Legacy. There are many unpredictable things in life. That is actually the point of living, to face those challenges and try to find the best solution for every situation. Unexpected happenings appear from time to time in life and they include numerous different things, sometimes those things are good and sometimes not. This thing that happened to Kelly was really unexpected and really strange because few months ago she couldn’t even imagine something like that. Out of nowhere, Kelly got unexpected legacy.

The thing is that her uncle has left her the guest house that is located just outside the city, in wonderful nature. This girl is really, really happy about the house but there is also one problem about it – the house is too old and somehow ruined and Kelly doesn’t have so much money to renovate it. Given that it is her huge wish to live in that house as soon as possible, Kelly tries to find out some way to get certain amount of money.

Kelly has been thinking what to do, so she decided to sell part of the old items from her uncle’s house and renovate the house using that money. There isn’t much but she thinks that it would be enough for making the house nice for living. Let’s help Kelly sell the old things and renovate the house as soon as possible, and help her fulfill her great wish.

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