Unexpected Guests

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Game Details

Unexpected GuestsUnexpected guests could be welcomed and bring a lot of joy, especially when it comes about someone that is dear to you and you haven’t seen him for a while. In that case he/she could make your day even more beautiful, unexpectedly sharing some nice and interesting moments together. The only thing that could spoil this experience is the potential mess in the house. You know how is that – you’ve need relaxing for a certain period of time, or you work many hours a day and you simply don’t have time for cleaning after you come back from work, and you wait for some free weekend or a holiday to do that… and the mess becomes even bigger… Yes, those are those problems related to keeping the living space clean, but it is what it is.

And in the following game the situation is exactly like that. The unexpected guests are announcing their coming but when they are already on their way, just 2 minutes far from your home which means that you don’t have time to fix anything! But OK, this doesn’t have to mean exactly that, means that you don’t have to panic and start cleaning the place right away! You will see that the space is in terrible mess and as you start cleaning, by finding the hidden objects, the time starts running. You have 120 seconds to clear the mess but if you don’t manage that, you fail the level and you start your search from the beginning, but this time you have new objects waiting to be found.

Unexpected Guests is a free online hidden object game on Hidden4Fun.