Undiscovered Paradise Game

Undiscovered Paradise Undiscovered Paradise. Climbing mountains is one of the best outdoor activities and it is recommended for everyone. You are moving all the time while you are in the mountain, you activate numerous groups of muscles while you are doing that, but also you are breathing the wonderful fresh air from the mountain. And the sport could be adapted to anyone. If a person is not in a perfect condition, he/she normally takes some easier route, walking on some milder mountain but also there are professionals who go on tours that last for many days, conquering really steep terrain.

The married couple Anderson are real climbing enthusiasts. Once in a month they go climbing and they are always trying to find a new mountain for that. Climbing is a sports activity but the Anderson’s are more adventurists than professional sportiest so it is very important for them always to find some new mountain, some new challenge that has to be conquered. This time they have decided to explore the environment of one mountain in the west of the country that is not explored enough. They were hoping that they will see something interesting and new, but they could not imagine that this sight will change their whole lives and make them turn a new pages of their life.

Take this tour together with the Anderson’s and see what was hiding in that undiscovered paradise, maybe it will have some influence on you as well. Take the challenge!

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