Underwater Temple Game

Underwater Temple Underwater Temple. Big floods are one of the biggest natural catastrophes. If they are big enough, they are able to destroy big cities and sunk all the buildings and objects in them. Big floods are reason for mass migrations because they change people’s lives completely and after them, it is very hard for the population to restore the whole place and build a completely new city on the same place.

Andrina is a mermaid that lives in the ocean depths so she doesn’t have any problem with floods. However, since she lives in the ocean, she often sees sunken objects, sunken boats, even buildings. One day, all of a sudden, Andrina while swimming through the oceanic width finds out a sunken temple. This is first time for Andrina to see this kind of a building that seems so big and grandiose. This young girl is very curious and she likes to see everything in it. That’s why she starts exploring it right away.

While looking through the temple, Andrina finds out many interesting objects that were made by the people that lived in that temple, before it sunken down. Again those objects are something completely new for the mermaid because they are not typical for her world. This underwater adventure will also be very interesting for you so let’s look around and see this exceptional building, including all those objects in it.

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