Undercover Mission Game

Undercover Mission Undercover Mission. Bahama Islands. A piece of paradise consistent of over 700 islands, on over 100,000 square miles of the Atlantic Ocean where the tropical sunshine is satisfying constant, the ocean a jewel of many colors and the seashore richly adorned by the eternal sand. It’s easy to see why so many of the world’s rich and not so rich choose to live in The Bahamas.

But for Detective George all that is just wind before his eyes, his mind occupied with the latest information in his hands given to him by the local police. They have been assisting him with his investigation. He’s been on this case quite a while, playing cat and mouse with Mark, his target. Mark was once on top of the political ladder, only to have fallen quite fast with the latest charges of corruption. Maybe that’s why his last resort were the Bahamas, where nobody questions you, or the money you have with you.

According to the George’s sources, Mark has found a job at a coffee shop, changed his identity intending to keep a low profile, but that will soon change. Detective George is on to him. He is working undercover as a regular tourist and is looking forward to Mark’s arrest. Let the cat and mouse game begin again.

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