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Undeniable LoveUndeniable Love. There is no person in the world, starting from teenager to older person, that hasn’t heard of the most famous love story in the world’s literature, the story of William Shakespeare “Romeo and Juliet”. Based on the real story of the young teenagers that couldn’t resist their love and fought with all their powers against their families prejudices and quarrels. The Montaque and Capulet families are famous for their getting stained with blood. But, beautiful Romeo and Juliet proved them that love can fight hatred. Unfortunately they paid their love with their lives and the lesson the families have learned the lesson the harder way – they reconciled after the death of their children and realized how stupid they were allowing such thing to happen. Romeo and Juliet have been inspiration for a lot of artists, five centuries later, they still create and recreate the story into a form of theatre, ballet, operas, in literature etc. Directors give new versions of the famous tragedy of the archetypal young lovers.

No matter how true or fictional this story has is, still it is very inspirational for many generations. Even we got inspired today with them and gave another names of our main characters. We are talking about the love story between Diana and Marc which is very much similar to the love story between Romeo and Juliet. The main boundary for their love are their families.

Undeniable Love. Diana’s family is in a deep quarrel with Marc’s family, but they decide to fight counter their families wills and to run away from their city, just to be together. Diana arrives first in the new place and decides to take a good look around while Marc comes. Big loves search for big sacrifice. And when you believe in something so much, you are ready to risk your life.