UFO Hunters Game

UFO Hunters UFO Hunters. People are such beings, they always need something to believe, something to be trusted, to think of a higher force. We need something to help us answer the hundreds of questions about ourselves, about life, philosophy, missions, why are we here and not somewhere else. Not having the chance to answer all the questions make people believe in strange things. Some believe that UFOs exist, some think that they are only crazy imagination.

Filmmakers are easily inspired of these objects. How many of us believe that people live on Mars and that there are aliens? Maybe we are fond of the idea that we are not the only one in the galaxy, we try not to be lonely. Brian is convinced that we are not the only living beings in the universe. For his whole life he has dedicated to prove that somewhere on the space there are other creatures as well. Together with his assistants today he is in the small town Caister that is situated nearby famous AREA51. He believes that aliens here have hidden few Energy Balls that they use to charge energy of their flying saucers. This town is being abandoned and forbidden, but Brina succeeds somehow to enter and to start the investigation of the notorious \”Energy Balls\”.

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