Twilight Dream

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Twilight DreamTwilight Dream. Dreams can be a quite strange thing. We could ignore them easily but in case that something really serious appears in the dream, then it could worry us a lot, even if it’s not about something that has really happen. Also there are sciences that treat this subject but who can know if those explanations are true…

Gabriel is really scared because during a year he is dreaming the same dream almost every night. And if it was about something more real, he could probably find certain explanation, maybe it was somehow related with something that has happen in his real life but in this case it is about something that is quite strange for everyone and something that could not be easily explained. The dream goes like this – exactly at twilight he found himself in a forest full of strange creatures, with all kinds of sounds spreading all around him. The dream is scary by itself while the fact he is seeing that same dream for a whole year, makes the dream even scarier and even more concerning.

One day, walking through the woods Gabriel enters into an area that looks exactly like the place from his dreams and that makes him really scared because it seems like the place from the dream really exists. Gabriel feels like his dreams are mixing with the reality so he has to find a certain way how to escape from that cursed place as soon as he can because who knows what else could happen. Is it a dream, or is it reality?! This time is really hard to get.