True Neighbors

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Game Details

True NeighborsTrue Neighbors. Martha is a wife and mother of two children. She lives in a small peaceful suburb. She has the perfect neighbors one would dream of. They are kind, helpful, always here when they need them, they have kind relations with their children and the kids love playing with their three kids. Martha is very aware that those are right neighbors, they are here in good and in bad. Today a situation has occurred, in which one should use the chance to prove how good human being is.

A huge theft has happened in the neighbors’ house. Everybody around is pretty devastated, knowing the fact that this is the first time that such kind of theft is happening. The police caught the criminals right away, but their personal stuffs are all over the suburb. Showing the will of a good neighbor and putting herself into the neighbors’ shoes, Martha right away volunteers to help find the personal things of her friends. The pursuit starts right away. If more people are like Martha, then the job would be done in a minute. So, be a good neighbor, and help the good people to get back their things again.

True Neighbors is a free online game on Hidden4Fun.