Tree of Souls Game

Tree of Souls Tree of Souls. The fight between good and evil is old as the humanity. People have been always divided between those two sides, even though sometimes there is a piece of evil in good and piece of good in the evil… Luckily, the good is the side that dominates, making the world good place for living and leading to overall development of the world. Harold and his daughter Patricia are wizards that own incredible supernatural powers. They are able to deal with all evil powers that rule the world. Thanks to their powers, Harold and Patricia manage keeping the balance between good and evil for many years.

You probably don’t know that there is a place where the evil tree of the souls is located. This might seem as a regular tree, a harmless tree as all other, but actually the whole world is in danger right now because the evil tree collects all souls in it, making them evil. Just imagine what could happen if this tree manages to collect all souls in the world.

The evil will become dominant and only bad things will happen around us. That is why Harold and his daughter Patricia came to this place, to use their supernatural powers and beat the evil tree, helping the world stay peaceful and good as it is at the moment.

Tree of Souls is a free online hidden object game on Hidden4Fun.

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