Tree of Life

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Game Details

Tree of LifeTree of Life. While they are still on the Earth, astronauts go through extensive breathing exercises so their lungs could more easily get used to life in space. A special support system has been made for the shuttles – special equipment to be able to breathe in space consisted of a space suit, a helmet and oxygen tanks that have a gas similar to the air we breathe. But in our game we have very innovative astronauts that have discovered something different to make their stay in the space easier.

It is about a special tree of life that is grown in the space station that could be used as an additional devise for getting oxygen. This tree has to be kept in special conditions but in one moment the place where it was kept, broke down! You may say that probably there is someone that could fix that but don’t forget that those brave astronauts are in the space, many, many kilometers over our planet which means that this recovery needs to be done immediately or their life will be in great danger. For that purpose all needed tools have to be found as soon as possible and the tree has to be brought back into its required conditions in order to keep the space ship safe.

Tree of Life is a free online hidden object game on Hidden4Fun.