Trapped in the Library

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Trapped in the LibraryTrapped in the Library. Luckily, there are still people that are in love with science and written word since we live in a world where everyone is trying to take a shortcut when he wants to get something. And everyone says that reading is overrated since we don’t have time for reading in this everyday life when everything goes fast but are we aware what are we missing? Precious time with ourselves, precious way to get to know ourselves but also to learn something new, and not just getting a nude information about it, but discovering the essence of things… These are all wonderful things in life, but many of us lack them…

But not professor Kevin. He is widely known for his love for science and people say that he even spends more time in the library then in his home! He really, really loves to read and that’s why he stays almost the whole day in the university library.

Professor Kevin was doing the same today but he was so entranced into those books that he completely forgets about the time. Reading, he didn’t realize that everyone has left the place, the visitors and the employees so now he is locked in the library. Professor Kevin starts looking for the keys that will help him get out of the library but they are not so easy to find… Let’s help him find the keys and leave the place.