Trapped in the Dark Game

Trapped in the Dark Trapped in the Dark. When we are young parents tell us not to talk with strangers, not to walk alone late in the night, to stay away from some suspicious shortcuts or something like that but when we are adults, we make our own choices and we are enough adult to estimate right the given situation… At least it is like that in the most cases, except if something completely unpredictable happens like it was the case with Mr. Edward.

Mister Edward really loves classical music. He has been on numerous concerts in his town but he also likes to travel in different places, when there is some nice opera or a ballet. That is something that makes him extremely happy. Many years ago Mr. Edward wanted to play by himself but he didn’t have the talent, so for now, he wants to catch every concert around.

This time he is invited to be present at this private piano concert that will take place in one private weekend house. When he got there, he realized that the stage is empty and there is no one around except him. In that moment he felt a dull strike on his head, and the next thing that he saw was a dark room in the weekend house, where he was actually locked. Mr. Edward realizes that it is about kidnapping and no matter how much is he terrified by that, he has to stay calm and find a solution for the problem because no one knows what should be expected from this kind of a situation.

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