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Trapped in a Snowstorm


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Trapped in a SnowstormTrapped in a Snowstorm. We could not say that the journalists have easy job, especially the ones that travel all around the world to report at the scene. But on the other hand, that is actually the challenge of their profession, something that has inspired them to start working, instead of selecting some job related to the desk and the computer only. Sometimes those tasks could be risky as well, for example reporting from a war zone could end up fatally for the journalist but it seems that the motivation for catching the moment is much bigger than the fear.

Joan for example, is a very famous reporter that during her career has been reporting from numerous important locations, catching very important moments. This time she has been sent to the north of the country, to report from one small city that has been trapped by a snow storm.

The thing is that the city is isolated, far from any other civilization, so they need a humanitarian help to survive those days. Joan is a very smart and witty person so she has got the idea to go from one house to another and ask from the victims to offer some of their personal stuff on sale. She organizes an auction live on TV so the whole America could take part in it, buying the objects from the houses and at the same time donating for the victims of this terrible snow storm.Let’s take part in this human act and help Joan provide her auction.