Trailer House Game

Trailer House Trailer House. As you probably know, a trailer is in general an unpowered vehicle dragged by a powered vehicle. This vehicle is usually utilized for the transport of goods and materials and at times it is used as a recreational vehicle, travel trailer, or mobile home with partial living facilities, where people could camp or stay. There are many people in the world that decide to travel all around the world with those vehicles and use them as mobile homes. That way they manage to travel a lot, and have a home in every wanted place all around the world, being world travelers or citizens of the world.

This is a story about one family that has decided to spend the rest of their life traveling with their trailer house. They lived in one place for so many years but they decided that it is time to make a difference in their lives and chose this way of living. They have been on numerous places with their trailer house and had many unusual moments.

Some of those adventures gave them good experiences, some not so good, but they made them richer with so many exciting things happenings. In the following game this family will share with us their adventures and their impressions from the wonderful places they have visited during their living in the trailer.

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