Town of Witches Game

Town of Witches Town of Witches. Mansfield, town like any other town, you may think. People live there, doing their everyday activities. Children go to school every day, probably there are some interesting monuments and places to visit. Like every other place, but not exactly like that, there is surely something more about Mansfield. According to myths and legends, the mid century was the time when Mansfield was home for numerous witches. Belief in and practice of witchcraft in general can be traced to classical antiquity and has continuous history during the Middle Ages.

However, this did not end in that time. It had its culmination in the Early Modern witch hunts when those fairy tales and popular culture ‘witch’ stock character of modern times. Including the concept of the ‘modern witch’ and related movements of contemporary witchcraft. Well it seems that those practices continued to be done in Mansfield too. Because you can face many unexplainable phenomena in the city that make people even more scared. In these modern times it might be strange believing in witches. But the poor inhabitants of Mansfield face something strange everyday so they are worried about themselves, worried about the safe of their children and families.

They’ve been looking for a solution, something that can explain them what is actually happening. But no one could answer them, no one is such an expert in expelling witches these days. So let’s take a tour through the streets of Mansfield and see what is going on there, maybe we could be the ones that will help the city end up this witch tradition that has stayed there for so long.

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