Time Walkers Game

Time Walkers Time Walkers. Numerous times we have heard about time travel. The future is something that will definitely come, but there is no man in the world that doesn’t imagine about time traveling. We like to change something in our past, we like to meet someone once again someone we knew in our past or simply we are curious to see how was the life of the people that lived many years before us. Someone imagines being a witness of the dinosaur era, someone likes to visit the middle century, someone to be a part of the world’s biggest hippy festival – the famous Woodstock, and so on.

And those wishes are reality for the professor that we will meet today. Hubert is a professor that has dedicated his whole life to improving the portal that helps him travel through the time. Today is the day when Hubert will go on a time travel for the first time. He has chosen to visit many time spots, many periods that have market the human history. He will have a trip through the antiques period, the period when the great pharaohs lived, the time of the Mayas and Aztecs, them see the Pirates…

The professor is very excited about this trip that happens once in a lifetime, of more precisely, this doesn’t ever happen for most of the people, let’s be real! He likes to remember every possible moment, everything that he sees on this incredible journey so he takes his diary with him, writing carefully everything he sees. You can play Time Walkers game on all devices. So enjoy and have fun.

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