Time to Clean

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Game Details

Time to CleanTime to Clean. Yeap, cleaning is something that has to be done, no matter how hard it could be sometimes. But cleaning could be taken as making a perfect order in our spirit too. As you find the right place for some items, and clean your place from all those unnecessary things, on the same way you could clean your spirit, while you do the regular cleaning. In that case the whole process will become much easier and you will have a double benefit after.

The following game actually concentrates on the apartment of one family that is located near the city river. The family uses this apartment very rare so it is not so clean at the moment; it’s full of dust and in a real mess. Now as the spring is coming, it is time to clean the place because it will be used more often this season.

The game takes place in the apartment and each level is a different area of the apartment that needs to be clean up by finding those items that appear on the list under the main scene. Once you find all of them and tide up that area, you move into the next level, and so on, until you clean the whole place and finish the game.

Time to Clean is a free online hidden object game on Hidden4Fun.