Time Spell Game

Time Spell Time Spell. Can you imagine how lovely it would be if you can simply travel through time. Think of a historic era. Press some button and go there! Than, after your adventure ends there and you find your self fed up with certain time, press another button and go back. How useful that would be, ah? What if we can choose the time when we would like to live. Let’s say, go back to the time of sixties and be a hippy guy or maybe in the twenties and dance some ragtime. In that case, life would really be one hell of an adventure. For today we created this girl who has great magical possibility.

Klesa loves to go through different times. But, a problem has appeared when Klesa, the Time girl and the little goblin Piklik are lost in time. Klesa has the ability to travel through time, but the evil leprekin Betlen has put curse on her. He stole all the clocks that Klesa used to decide which time to visit and to travel. Klesa has found the location and the time where her clocks are hidden. Now, she starts the investigation for it, wanting to put order on time.

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