Through the Portal Game

Through the Portal Through the Portal. Have you ever wondered if there is life on another planet? What about a whole civilization based somewhere out of the Earth? Usually we are scared from the thought that this civilization could be superior compared to our civilization. Or that the aliens are able to visit our planet and even have a regular life, living between us. Even though there are certain indicators and conspiracy theories, it seems that there are no certain evidences and we won’t find out something more about this theme, at least not in the close future…

Marvin is a creature that has a human form, but he comes from another planet and a completely different civilization. He is one of the many aliens on the Earth but no one could recognize them because they look as same as the people. The only thing that is specific about them is the necklace. They wear that has a mineral that gives a recognizable light, important for them to get that human form.

Marvin has to go back on his planet and he arrives at the mountain house that serves them as a portal. That is the place where the creatures like him arrive and leave this planet. Marvin leaves the Earth for the first time but in order to leave, he has to find few important objects that will help him connect the devices and establish communication with his planet. You may guess that this search will be rather interesting because we will be looking for devices that belong to certain interplanetary apparatus for communication.

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