Through the Mist Game

Through the Mist Through the Mist. Mist – a phenomenon caused by small droplets of water suspended in air – simply as that, but sometimes it doesn’t seem that simple… It seems as it refers to something threatening, something paranormal, something scary that might happen…

Kim is a girl that lives in a small town in the north of the country. The place where she lives is nice. The climate is just fine, the surrounding is beautiful, the neighbors are ok… but however, in the same town, on the other side, there is a strange neighborhood. It is about a place with just few houses and in that place, there is mist in every part of the year. No matter how clear it is in the other part of the town, no matter how much sun there is or how worm it is, here there is always mist, always! We may say that it’s a normal occurrence but somehow it isn’t and that’s why it is scaring the people that live around.

Through the Mist. People are curious by their nature and they always like to know what is happening around them, but somehow this place has left to be unexplored. People talk everything about this place but it seems that no one had the courage to enter into this ‘world of mist.’ Kim on the other hand, might be a little girl but her curiosity is not that little. She always wanted to know that is it about the mist in that part of the town so one day she took the courage and decided to go there and discover what is the reason for that phenomenon, why is it always foggy there?!

This girl might be brave but no one knows what is hiding in that strange neighborhood so let’s see together is there is something that could scare her and help her if she gets in trouble.

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