Through the Mirror 2 Game

Through-the-Mirror-2 Through the Mirror 2. You remember young Sharon? The 25 years old girl that adores those adventurous novels? This is actually the second part of her own adventure, full with strange things and a lot of excitement.

In the previous part of this game Sharon experienced something really odd and hard to explain. She went to her grandmother’s village, willing to see the nature and the houses there, believing that they are quite similar to the ones that could be read about in the books. And yes, they were really like that but the strange thing was one mirror… Looking for her grandmother Sharon realized that this mirror gives completely different reflection of the reality, nothing similar to the room where it was positioned.

The reflection was actually a land of fairies and fantasies while the mirror was an entrance to that land, something like a secret portal that leads to a place completely different from our reality. So many strange landscapes appear there, so many unusual sights that wake up admiration in the eyes of the beholder. However, Sharon can’t let herself to those mysterious images because she hasn’t found her grandmother yet. She is wondering where this older woman could be since she didn’t leave her home often, she was quiet and introvert person… Sharon continues looking for the grandmother and discovers even stranger sights; even more beautiful landscapes that make her wonder what is it about this magical place, located on the other side of the mirror.

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