Theater Whispers Game

Theater Whispers Theater Whispers. Broderick, the guard from the city theater, has called the detective for paranormal activities to ask for a help for his invidious situation. He spends the whole day and the nights at the theater so every night he notices ghosts in the basement of the theater, arguing something between them.

This is very scary for Broderick and he can’t stand spending his time there. So he has searched around in order to explain the situation and he has realized that those ghosts are actually former employees of the theater. Some people that he knew when they were alive. Broderick becomes really worried when he realizes that there is also another ghost that is observing everything that happens there. And actually that was the moment when he decided that he has to call for some help.

Actually you will be the detective that will help Broderick take care of the ghosts so try to finish your job as good as you can, and don’t get scared too easily.

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