The Writer’s Room Game

The Writer's Room The Writer’s Room. ‘Well yes, he doesn’t work anything hard, just sitting on that chair and writing…’ – that’s what many people think when they think of being a writer as a profession. There isn’t any physical work, you can’t get tired as much as when doing some other job, you stay at your home all the time… and so on – those are the stereotypes related to this profession but people often don’t get the broader picture and the further circumstances and the reason for that is simple – they haven’t been doing something similar to whiting never in their life so they don’t have a clue what is writing about.

Meet Henry Murphy. He for example is a person that understands writing as his only profession and his only call because writing is something that he does all his life and that’s why he is good at it and well accepted from the surroundings. Henry understands completely that this profession is a hard profession as well because he has been fighting with inspiration so many times or waiting for the perfect state of mind that will lead him to something bigger, to perfect expression of what he has in mind and similar creative issues.

One of the problems that writers have is also finding the perfect place to write. They live with their families like every other person which means that their living space is also a working place and that could be little bit hard for doing assuming that it could be little bit hard to isolate from everything that is happening at home. That is the challenge that Henry experiences as well since he works best in silence. He has decided to use one of the basements of the house and turn it into working room where he could work all the time without being deranged by anyone.

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