The Wizard’s Village Game

The Wizards Village The Wizard’s Village Game: A group of adventurers and various folk legends believers. Arrive in a small island village Hildale which, according to the legend, used to be a village of wizards. Adventurers believe that near this village there is a place full of supernatural power. And exactly that place gave power to the inhabitants who could easily gain supernatural powers. People had the strength and the power to live forever. Though that is something that living human beings would adore to have as a possibility. That isn’t such a perfect situation, even in science fiction movies or literature. Could you imagine to have the possibility of living eternal, no matter anything? Might that sound pretty boring?

Adventurer’s goal in The Wizard’s Village Game is to find that secret place. And to check out if the legend is true or false. If it is true, they should go and meet the wizards so they good meet with them. If not, they will return home with bigger experience. What would the recognizable elements of that place be, that could help you play The Wizard’s Village game easily and more successfully? Enjoy and have fun.

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