The Wizard of Hissaria Game

The Wizard of Hissaria The Wizard of Hissaria. The great wizard Stobin is on his way to fulfill his life mission. He feels incredible excitement because he is doing something big, something he has always dreamed of. Stobin is deep into the kingdom of Hissaria, the place where is located the great capital of all the wizards in the world. He has been planning this visit for a longer period and now he is finally there. The next stop is the capital city of Hissaria, the place called Demirion and again there is a challenge in front of him – to find a way to get there.

As it is always in those situations, getting to a point like this brings numerous challenges and temptations, but also he has to pass through some impassable areas, so being very persistent would be the key for getting there. However, since it is about a huge step for Stobin, he would need your help for getting to the point. You will play as his assistant and your job will be to help him find the way that leads to Demirion. Actually now it is the time when this gathering of wizards is happening, once in 100 years.

The society of wizards has decided that this time Stobin will get the title ‘Main wizard in Hissaria,’ so he better get there to receive this noble prize. Let’s help Stobin finish his mission successfully and get where he should be.

The Wizard of Hissaria is a free online hidden object game on Hidden4Fun.

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