The Witches Covenant Game

The Witches Covenant The Witches Covenant. The images of witches we see in Shakespeare and on occult-focused TV shows are usually sensationalized and based on myths that have surrounded witches for centuries. But, in those images we often see witches gathering in groups and practicing their magic together. These gatherings of witches are called covens.

Today we will meet Cora, Tara, and Ursa. They are three witches who, after many years, are ready to make a pact and live in a community. They have decided to join a coven and asked for a permission to join to become much stronger. But in order for this community to succeed, each of them has to pass several degrees associated with the craft. They need to make a covenant and continue to practice their magic with the help of their new community to become long-lived and very powerful.

Once the coven accepted them as members they were issued with a list of rules, ethics and beliefs that they are expected to learn and adhere to. Today Cora, Tara, and Ursa have to fulfill few tasks to be recognized as part of the coven. Each of them needs to find all the items which they need for their magic, and they are well hidden.

The Witches Covenant is a free online hidden object game on Hidden4Fun.

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