The Witch Book Game

The Witch Book The Witch Book. Even it may seem that magic is a piece of cake for the witches, actually it is about a real science and witches are not born with all of that knowledge but they learn a lot in order to get to a certain level where they can actually do magic. And since no one is capable of knowing everything and that knowledge has to be spared somehow, there is actually a book about withes where can be found all of their magic spells and everything about witchcraft.

Tracy has been learning about witches for a longer time. She explores everything about them but she is more concentrated on the withes coming from her country, searching about facts that explain their power. She has realized that it is not just about stories – witches are really able of putting spells on someone, to make someone fell sick, to be left alone without someone that is important to him or without a place for living… Tracy is assured that this witch’s book really exist and there she could find written everything about their magic. Learning their secrets, Tracy will be able to save the world from bad magic and bad happenings because that way the witches won’t be able to do magic, they won’t have their precious book.

The rumors say that the precious book is kept secretly in an old abandoned house at the end of the city where no one passes because it is too far and away from everything. Tracy decided to go into that house with only one goal – to find the secret witch book and save the world from witchcraft and evil magic. Let’s help Tracy find the book by searching through the house together with her.

The Witch Book is a free online hidden object game on Hidden4Fun.

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