The Winter Mantle Game

The Winter Mantle The Winter Mantle. It is winter. Everything is covered with snow and it is quite cold but when it comes to work, there are things that have to be done. Nancy for example, owns a farm. This farm is more fun than work for her but it includes certain responsibilities that have to be done because things may end up not so well for the condition of the place if she doesn’t take enough care for it.

That’s why Nancy is going to the farm right now, to see if everything is all right in those winter circumstances. The night before, there was so much snow so she has to see what happened on the farm? On the other hand, this snow has brought a lot of troubles for Nancy. She was driving her car on the snow when suddenly icing comes on her way.

She managed to get to the farm but now she is actually stuck on the farm. Everything is all right on the farm but the weather forecast says that the weather will become worse in the next period and it could be even harder to escape from the place. Nancy is thinking about every possibility for escaping from the farm, what she could do to leave the place as soon as possible and get home sooner or just get to a place that is much safer than the farm?!

The Winter Mantle is a free online hidden object game on Hidden4Fun.

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