The Wicked Garden Game

The Wicked GardenThe Wicked Garden. What can be so dangerous about a garden, we may all think. But when it comes about the garden included in our game, there is definitely something wrong! Many people have pass through this garden, intentionally or accidentally, and it seems that all of them didn’t manage to come out. That’s why this garden is known as the Wicked Garden but no one has an explanation about it yet. Those mysterious happenings have brought the famous detective Johnny at the place. If he could possibly find out what is happening in this garden. Johnny is actually hired by one of the families whose children went accidentally into the mysterious garden and they never came back home.

The stories that are spreading around about the Wicked garden are scary even for Johnny. But he is so willing to help and he is determined at all costs to enter into the garden and see what is really happening there, where are all those people that disappear when they enter into that strange garden. Johnny knows that this action could be also fatal for him but he is prepared on doing anything just to help the whole situation and perhaps find those missing people.

It would be really nice if we could help detective Johnny in his job but also we should have in mind that again we are playing the new exciting gameplay that includes three mini games and the bonus game Zuma which means we will have a great time playing! Let’s start before someone else disappears.

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