The Western Spirit Game

The Western Spirit The Western Spirit. Western movies, they were great when they appear, they are great now as well. It’s all about brave men, extremely accurate with their guns. It’s about the honor, about revenge, about some girl from the saloon, about a duel… – that’s the Wild West!

Today we are far from those things, we live in completely different environment but still we like to enter in that world from time to time and check out that brave world. For now, the books and the movies are the only enter into that world, and in this case, the games too. Our friend Kevin is a director and he has decided to make a western movie. For the purposes of the filming set, he has arranged a whole western city, making the environment to look exactly as we are back in the time of the sheriffs and cowboys. The streets are alike, there are saloons, some horses riding around, the outfit – you could definitely feel the western spirit just by walking down that area. Today is the day when the saloon scene is filming so let’s enter there and see what is happening there.

They could use a little help on the set, so let’s try to find what they are looking for. Under the main picture there is a list of 10 objects that need to be found. Manage to do that, and you will get another picture from the set, and then another, and another… until you complete the whole game. Good luck!

The Western Spirit is a free online hidden object game on Hidden4Fun.

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