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The Village SocietyThe Village Society. Keeping a place isolated from the contemporary trends and the dynamics of the modern world. Sometimes shows to be an advantage for the locals that inhabit it. On the other hand, the fact that the flow of information is disrupted and impaired. May be a significant problem. However, the afar village in the east of the country, Arkala. Has contradicted these comprehensions and perceptions and with time has turned to be a perfect society. The harmony which marks the life in this village is settled deep. In the need of the local inhabitants to be personally involved in the creation of the collective welfare. Their exemplary behavior and attitude may sometimes be counted a mystery. As they have the strength to gather together. And solve the problems their community faces. Their way of life is inspiring. And motivates our player to join them in solving their recent problem.

The Village Society. Namely, the local community in Arkala has foreseen a problem with losing the authenticity of the village’s architecture. As a result of the immerging abundance of ruined houses. Many of the houses have been ruined to the grounds. And the fronts of many of them have declined with age and suffered damages. Which come up to be an unpleasant sight and a danger for the spirit, history and future of the village’s face.

Our player is eager to get involved in resolving this problem. By giving ideas and consequently putting them in action in order to fulfill his task. While achieving his commitment. He gets in touch with details about architecture and restoration, information which enrich. And enlarge his knowledge in a much subtle manner. Play more hidden object games on Hidden4Fun. Enjoy and have fun.