The Vanishing Village Game

The Vanishing Village The Vanishing Village. It’s time for some thrills. Just like in the horror films and in spooky stories, first you see something, then it is gone. A small village appeared in front of a group of people while traveling throughout Russia. They lost themselves. They entered the village, but it was strange that there was no one in the village. The homes were warm and the fireplaces were on. The group of travelers decided to make a shelter in one of the houses and to wait for the owner. It was a nice house, not too big, but had the function they had.

They kind of felt like Snow White looking for her shelter under the sky, finding it into the house of the small and lovely creatures, the elves. The next day, after they had a good rest because they were tired to death, when they woke up, they were already on a huge land and there was no trace of the village. People are confused, what really happened to them? They asked, where is the village, how could they find it? Is someone joking with them? Your task is to help them find the village and put the tourists at the right place. The scared people started to look all over the space, they had no one to ask, but didn’t give up the hope.

Russia is a big country, the largest nation lives in this country. It is no strange that our group of tourists has lost themselves into the vast tundra and forests. This might not be a very easy task for you, because who could know for sure where is the clue of the great problem. But, since hope is the thing that dies last, than, there has to be shiny day for the group of people.

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