The Vampire Memories Game

The Vampire Memories The Vampire Memories. Maybe we haven’t heard about nostalgic vampires before since they act as it is really cool to be a vampire, to have eternal life and great power. But the truth behind that might be little bit different. Some vampires don’t appreciate the eternity because in truth it is terribly long time and all friends grow up, become old and die while the vampire stays same and who knows if he will manage to find good friends the next century or so.

And they could not blend easily in the surrounding since most of them not able to adapt on day light… Numerous pros and contras about this subject but have you ever seen a nostalgic vampire? It is about our Victor, the vampire we have met before, in few of our games. He seems to have a big bother in himself since he is always looking for something. He is a real romantic soul and in this situation he dreaming about the period when he was human.

Victor lives in a castle, or actually in one part of that castle. In this game he is showing us one secret door that leads to the part of the castle that he hasn’t visited since he became a vampire. He feels really melancholy so he goes through the rooms remembering how it was many years ago. He sees the forgotten rooms and everything is reminding him about something, some event, some person…

The Vampire Memories is a free online hidden object game on Hidden4Fun.

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