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The Unexplained Disappearance

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The Unexplained DisappearanceThe Unexplained Disappearance. Those two young married couples have been friends since forever and they always liked to do something extraordinary in their free time. Regular walks and regular vacations spent all day on the beach are not something that is interesting for them so they always go for something more adventurous or let’s say more risky. This time they have decided to spend the weekend in a weekend house near one mountain village. They have imagined that during the day they will walk through the mountain areas, finding some new interesting paths, and in the evenings they will have long conversations in the house, drinking vine near the fireplace and so on…

This trip seemed as a perfect getaway from the city noise and the terrible rush that fills our modern days. And everything was like that, nothing less interesting, but the night did not bring any peace for those friends but it was completely the opposite. During the night one of the girls disappeared!

This disappearance was completely strange because no one could guess where she was and why she actually left the house. They searched every corner of the house and the near environment but there wasn’t a single trace of her, nothing! The three of them had to continue the search so they visited the village that was near to the place where they were settled and see if there is someone that could explain them what has actually happened, or maybe find their friend…