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The Time Traveler

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The Time TravelerThe Time Traveler. Time travel is something that everyone dreams about once in a while and it has been a dream of many great scientists all through the history. For the common people there is no information about the existence of a time machine, just some legends and stories that spread around but officially there is no such a thing like time machine. Supposedly all attempts have failed so time travel is still just a fantasy but what if… We won’t enter into argue about theories of conspiracy but the fact is that the dream about time travel has come true for our mad scientist Jack who has also designed and built his own time machine. Believe it or not, Jack is now on his way to the past, filled with trill and huge wish, he wants to see with his own eyes how people lived then, was it same as we read in the books… We will follow Jack on his journey but also there is one thing we should be careful about.

No one should know that we come from the future! If someone finds out, that will wake up his curiosity but also the curiosity of everyone around and if someone really proves that time machine really exists, that will change the whole human history! People from the past will some in the present but also creatures from the future will like to travel around and just imagine if there are some time fights as well… Wow, that would be a great mess!