The Thief of Sherwood Game

The Thief of Sherwood The Thief of Sherwood. Today’s game is about one of the most famous thieves in the world and it seemed that no one was angry at him at the time of his crimes, except those rich people… Not to keep you in suspense, we are talking about Robin Hood, the thief of Sherwood, the famous highly skilled archer and swordsman who was known for robbing from the rich and giving to the poor, operating together with his band of Merry Men. This charming thief had many noble missions, making the underprivileged people happy, so they were always thankful for his acts, taking protective attitude when someone attacked him.

This time Robin Hood is on another interesting mission. The villagers have some job to do and they need some tools for that job but they don’t have enough money to buy those tools because they are so poor and also it is hard for them to get those money. Robin Hood promises them as always that he will find a way to help them and we know exactly how is ‘his way’.

Robin starts breaking into the homes of the rich landlords and he is stealing everything that is valuable from there. He knows that those people have money, even much more than they need so it would be easier for them to buy other valuable things. After that, Robin sells those things and uses the collected money for buying the villagers needed tools, that will help them earn their bread. Since we are on a noble mission, it won’t be a crime if we help this thief to do his job.

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