The Swamp Monster Game

The Swamp Monster The Swamp Monster. You can’t even imagine how scary places there are all around the world. Deep forests, abandoned mountains, frightening great depths, maybe some old town that seem to be ghost town and who knows what else. Also there is one really scary swamp that is definitely one of the scariest places on earth. You are wondering why? Well there live those incredibly big crocodiles that attack people. And people that even pass near the swamp could easily become their victims. That’s why no one has explored that place in detail. Everyone gets scared by those enormous creatures of nature but also it seems that there is something more than those crocodiles at that place…

Nora has arrived at the place with intention to discover exactly what is going on in this swamp. She is quite prepared and willing to search and search, until she finds some answer. And it seems that really there is something else thAn the huge crocodiles that live there. Maybe not that threatening but definitely strange and unexplored. Nora discovers that in the dark borders of the swamp there is a completely isolated tribe, something no one has heard of.

When Nora finds traces of this tribe, she becomes really excited. And she has decided that she won’t leave the place until she finds out something more about this abandoned civilization. How do they live, have they ever heard that there is life away from this place, has someone else been there before?! She is really curious to go all the way but again those crocodiles. The legend also says that here lives the biggest crocodile on earth. So being careful is an imperative for her if she likes to stay alive even though this adventure is something she was dreaming about for a long time. Let’s help Nora survive in those dangerous circumstances.

The Swamp Monster is a free online hidden object game on Hidden4Fun.

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