The Swamp Maze Game

The Swamp Maze The Swamp Maze. Welcome to this unusual game. A game can’t be unusual because all games are different and unpredictable but this time the story is the part that is rather strange and unique. First of all, meet this extraordinary creature that lives in a swamp. We are talking about Morgana who is half a human, half reptile. She lives deep in one American swamp but at the same swamp lives Raktol who is the bad keeper of the swamp. There is a certain tension between those two and something needs to be done in order to escape this situation.

At the moment Morgana is stuck in the swamp maze and she can’t escape from Raktol. You have never seen a maze like this. From one side it is a rather complicated maze but at the same time it is a swamp. Morgana has to find 6 objects that are hidden in the swamp. Actually Raktol has given her a task to find those objects and after that he will set her free from this maze.

She needs your help to escape from the maze, so can you please help her complete the task faster?! Look carefully at those objects and try to find them all because that is the condition for leaving this maze.

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