The Sun Garden Game

The Sun Garden The Sun Garden. Everything becomes urbanized in this modern living! Seems like the nature is turning into grey buildings and concrete surfaces. We feel like we should go, and go, and go, until we find something natural, some green meadow or a field… And that urbanization also affects the quality of the nature, transforming it into artificial creation. The pollution destroys the waters, decreases the quality of the fruits and vegetables…

That’s why the aunt of our today’s character has her own garden that she calls it The Sun Garden. And while the industrial production destroys everything, this garden stays still and the aunt is taking care for it. She has the garden for almost 15 years and all through the years she has managed to find, plant and grow the most rare and delicious fruits and vegetables that cannot be found in any other place.

This lady really adores what she is doing and she spends her time in the garden, keeping it into good condition, digging, irrigating, fertilizing – everything that is needed for keeping the quality of the products on a really high level. Our character also enjoys very much spending his time in his aunt’s Sun Garden and now he will take you on a tour in this incredible place. Just follow him and you will see the beauties of the authentic natural environment, we are sure that this would be an unforgettable journey.

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