The Sultan’s Labyrinth

Game Details

The Sultan's LabyrinthThe Sultan’s Labyrinth. Long ago in ancient Persia, Sultan Bahar’s rule inspired the minds of his followers. Although, it was his fair and beautiful daughter, Princess Sadira, who captured their hearts. Can you help Sultan Bahar find a suitable prince for his royal daughter? Each prince must demonstrate his wisdom by solving puzzles within the Sultan Labyrinth. In a grueling Hidden Object-themed competition, who will defeat the Sultan Labyrinth?

The majority of the game is timed. There’s no way to turn off the timer so if you lose a level you will have to start it all over again. In the levels in which you have to use objects that interact with each other you can learn what to do by hovering your mouse around certain items. Eventually you’ll land on an object that will give you hints on what you need to do. If you pick up an item that you don’t want to use at the moment, you can release it by right clicking. The unwanted item will just go back to wherever you picked it up from. Enjoy and have fun in playing this free online hidden object game.

The Sultan’s Labyrinth is a hidden object game on Hidden4Fun.