The Streets of Tokyo

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The Streets of TokyoThe Streets of Tokyo. Many people say that when they arrived to Tokyo it was like arriving in another planet, naming it the most fascinating but also as the strangest place in the world.

There are more than 35 million people living in greater Tokyo making the city the largest metropolitan area in the world. Perhaps you didn’t know that Tokyo was originally named ‘Edo’, back when it was just a small fishing village but its name was changed to Tokyo in 1868 when it became the imperial capital of Japan.

The translation of Tokyo is actually ‘Eastern Capital’. it’s stock exchange is the 3rd largest stock exchange in the world, behind New York and London. It is the home of the world’s most expensive restaurant, the place with most neon signs in the world. With the smallest hotel rooms, known as capsule hotels, and many other things but for Kimi the city has other type of value – a sentimental value. This girl was born in Tokyo but when she was 7, her parents decided to move away from there, into another country.

After 20 years, Kimi comes back to Tokyo again, wanting to visit the streets of her birth place, remembering how was back then. 20 years is quite long period so many things have changed, but there are also some things that are same as before… Follow Kimi and explore the streets of Tokyo together, it will be a great fun.

The Streets of Tokyo is a free online hidden object game on Hidden4Fun.