The Storyteller Game

The Storyteller The Storyteller. There are names of famous storytellers that spread around and always there is the question related to them, how do they know so many stories? Today it would be much easier because we have numerous books available in the stores or on line but many years ago it was really difficult. The means of transport were very limited so it was quite difficult for some book to travel from one side to another side of the world, not like today when we could order whatever we want.

Those storytellers found different ways to get to the stories. Some of them used to go from place to place, traveling all around and collecting written stories while other looked for people that could retell them all the stories they know. This, together with the available books would be a nice collection of many stories, but there is never enough stories for the storytellers.

In one small village there is a man that quite famous for his skill for telling stories. He is the most wanted person from his branch that according to the people, tells the most interesting stories. This time he won’t talk about other people but he will tell his own story, how did he become so good storyteller and what is the secret behind his successes. He will tell the truth how did he found the first book with stories and how did his story develop.

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