The Storm is Coming Game

The Storm is Coming The Storm is Coming. Storms are not usual for some parts of the world and certain climate conditions but also there are some places where the storms are very usual. It is about places that are usually near to seas and oceans, but also the storm could include tornadoes and hurricanes. In those places where storms are more often, people know exactly how to act, to keep their selves safe from the storms. They know how to move during a storms, where to go, there are special shelters where they could hide, there are even special holes in the ground, equipped with supplies needed for life until the storm is gone… But what is a storm comes suddenly and you are not prepared for it?

Well that’s what happened to the family form this game. They were traveling with their car when they heard on the radio that there is a storm coming, so they decide to stop at the first hotel and spend the night there, or as much as it’s needed until the storm stops. They are quite scared but it’s quite sure that it would be much safer in the hotel then in their car so they have to be patient and sacrifice one day of their vacation.

Again it is about an adventure hidden object game, consisted of 5 interesting levels. In every level, there are 10 objects that need to be found, so you could move into the next level.

The Storm is Coming is a free online hidden object game on Hidden4Fun.

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