The Stolen Treasure Game

The Stolen Treasure The Stolen Treasure. Being an art collector or a collector of historical artifacts is a very nice hobby, for some people even a profession, since it is really nice to own many precious pieces of art and always to look for getting new ones, then discovering what is real and what isn’t, what is really valuable and what isn’t… and so on.

The negative aspect of all this is that there will always be some people that desperately want to get to some piece of art, no matter what. We are talking about robbers whose aim is very often a certain work or valuable historical artifact. The general history or the history of art is not important for those people who see their way of life in stealing…

And the following game is actually about this theme. From the private home of one passionate collector have been stolen hundreds golden coins of priceless value. They are very valuable but also very important since they date since the 16th century and it is assumed that they are the only coins of that kind. The collector desperately wants to get his gold back so he is hiring a research team of explorers and detectives to seek for the stolen treasure. We assure you that is would be a great adventure for you if you take part in this incredible quest and maybe you will be the one that will find the valuable golden coins.

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