The Stolen Princess Game

The Stolen Princess The Stolen Princess. Being a princess is not something that is that easy as it seems, especially if it is about the most beautiful princess in the whole kingdom. We may think that they simply enjoy in the luxury without taking care about anything but sometimes their life could be much more complicated, having in mind that they are persons as well and they like to spend their everyday life with good people, not just with their guards and cronies. And when it comes about finding a good life companion, the things become even harder. Everyone knows that the princesses have big treasure and there are many people willing to get easy money, prepared to do everything in order to gain the trust of the royals and get into their surroundings.

The Stolen Princess. Princess Theresa is one of the most beautiful princesses in the kingdom called Salla. Known abroad for her beauty, Theresa is the most wanted future bride all around. The son of king Bishop from the neighboring kingdom Afini is desperately in love with Theresa, perhaps he is one of the many, but the thing is that Theresa is simply not interested about him and she refuses to marry him.

The young prince is prepared to do anything to win the princess, so he even decides to steal her together with his soldiers. Now Theresa is taken away by him in the kingdom Afini but she has to escape from there because the situation is not pleasant at all. Would you be that kind to take part in this interesting quest and help the princess find a way to escape from the hands of the evil prince?

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