The Spanish Rose Game

The Spanish Rose The Spanish Rose. Many people believe that men don’t like to dance and they think that dancing is just for ladies. This belief also says that men that visit dancing classes, do this just to be closer to the girls and usually when they ‘catch’ a girl on those classes, they end up their dancing career. Well OK, it seems that there is truth in those claims, at least in Santiago’s case. Santiago has met a girl, Sofia, who is a wonderful girl but also a trainer of the famous Spanish dance Flamenco. She looks great but when she dances, she looks like the most beautiful girl in the world and that is what attracted Santiago. Santiago started visiting this course for flamenco classes; actually his wish to be closer to Sofia has taken him to those classes.

The good thing is that soon Sofia realized that she is also little bit in love with Santiago and their sympathies became more and more noticeable. Both of them decided that they like to spend some time together, so they’ve chosen to spend a whole day together, through the wonderful streets of Barcelona. We all know that Barcelona is a wonderful city, thanks’ to its magical architecture which brings something incredibly romantic in it which helps people fell in love with the city, but also makes easy falling in love with someone.

Let’s take a long walk on the streets of Barcelona and enjoy the wonderful sights, getting to know something more about the city, but also enjoying this amazing love story between Santiago and Sofia.

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