The Shrines of Shambhala Game

The Shrines of Shambhala The Shrines of Shambhala. In Tibetan Buddhist and Hindu traditions, Shambhala is a mythical kingdom, mentioned in various ancient texts. Aside from its historical basis, Shambhala consequently came to be noted as a Buddhist pure land. It was seen as a magnificent kingdom whose appearance is visionary or spiritual to the same extent as physical or geographic. Shambhala myth came to Western Europe and the Americas, where it made an influence to non-Buddhist in addition to Buddhist spiritual seekers. To some degree it affected the popular culture as well.

Sharon is archeologist that is very much interested in the history of the Near East. She is fascinated by the legends about the lost kingdom but also by people that live there now. They are deeply convinced that this kingdom and everything related to it, really existed.

As said by one of the legends, Shambhala was a sanctuary where sacred people lived. There was also the hidden temple, a place that hasn’t been found so far. Sharon is convinced that she will find the mysterious temple and actually there are many evidences that lead to that kind of a discovery. Let’s look around together with Sharon and see if she is really on the right track.

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