The Shaman’s Dream Game

The Shamans' Dream The Shaman’s Dream. Hello! Before we start playing, let us introduce you to the term shaman, in case that you are not informed about. Shaman is a person believed to have access to, and authority in, the world of good and evil spirits. Shamans could be found above all among some peoples of northern Asia and North America. Usually those people enter into a trance state for the duration of a ritual, and practice foretelling and healing.

Nakamo is one of the last shamans in his field. He is a Native American by his origins and all those tribes that live in the forest are looking for him. The reason for that is that he is actually the best shaman and this man gets his visions while he is dreaming.

Today’s case is rather serious and very delicate. Namely, one of the soldiers that come from Nakamo’s tribe is lost. No one could find this man and all the members of the tribe are concerned that something serious has happened to him. They introduced this case to Nakamo and he accepted it, promising that he will do his best in order to find the great warrior. Since Nakamo’s best weapons are his dreams, he got his vision again on this way. Nakamo got a vision about the place where the warrior could be which means that the search should start right away because no one knows how much time it would take to get to that place. Let’s take part in this interesting mission and help Nakamo find his target as soon as possible.

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