The Secret Potion

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Game Details

The Secret PotionThe Secret Potion. Somewhere far, far away, there is a kingdom called Hilikon. It is about a very powerful kingdom run by the princes Iris. She has manages to run this place by being very hard worker, unconditionally dedicated to her cronies and the citizens of the kingdom in general.

She has been doing everything rationally, looking for causes and consequences of the happenings. And always looking for logical explanations of the things that could be a treat to her kingdom until something completely strange happened, and ruined all her believes. The young princes Iris fall in love in a man that was a great choice for her, judging by his character and the things he has done. Plus, he truly loved her and he was prepared to do anything for her, but who could possibly imagine that evil forces could be interfered in this story…

An evil witch was jealous of Iris’s successes and happiness, so she decided to take her the thing that she loved most – her lover. After few day the witch took him back to Iris but the young man couldn’t remember anything that happened before he was taken, his complete memory was erased, so he couldn’t recognize Iris as well! The poor girl is so worried and she is doing her best to find some solution that could break the magic and bring her boy back. One solution could be a potion made of different herbs, but those herbs should be found first…

The Secret Potion is a free online hidden object game on Hidden4Fun.